Hyosung Reveals How She Went From A 26 Inch Waist To A 23.5 Inch Waist

She had to adjust her diet routine around coronavirus

Throughout her YouTube channel Bling Darling Hyosung” (블링달링전효성), former Secret member Hyosung shared her diet in a series of videos. Finally, on November 30th, Hyosung shared her results.

She first states that this project took about 5 months but explains it was delayed due to the coronavirus.

Hyosung shared her workout calendar showing that in June she only worked out six times, but in July she worked out even less. It wasn’t until August that she decided to really commit.

Then, I finally made up my mind in August. I started catching Corona now, and now the Corona is getting serious. I went to Pilates…Then it got worse suddenly and I just went for a walk? I chose these exercises to reduce the risk of Corona infection!

— Hyosung

She moves on to September, October, and November where she started hiking 3 times a week during each month and even hiked at home.

I Bought an indoor cycle because of the prolonged Corona, so I bought an indoor cycle and do it in parallel.

— Hyosung

Hyosung then tells that she was finally able to pick up pilates on November 16.

She makes sure to advise her viewers to switch up their workout methods in order to not get bored. Whether hiking, walking, stretching, or doing pilates, Hyosung claimed the change in style kept her working out. She also states it’s important to rest.

One of the biggest factors that helped her lose weight was to stop eating delivery food. Instead of delivering food, she ate a lot of vegetables, protein, fruit, and drank a lot of water. She also switched from caffeinated to decaffeinated coffee and tea.

She points out that once she started to eat healthier her psychological problems disappeared.

Hyosung then revealed her before measurements: “Arms are 26, 27cm.  Waist is 25 inches. Thighs are 50cm.”

In front of her viewers, Hyosung measured herself for November. Her arms were 24cm, 24.7cm. Her waist was 23.5 inches. thighs are 47.7cm and 47.8cm.

The average thigh was reduced by 4cm, and her arms were reduced by 2cm, and the waist by 1.5 inches.

She wraps up her video by sharing that her diet was hard and that it’s different from her 20s and 30s. Hyosung continues to say the diet really helped her mental health and the achievement of her diet was fulfilling.

Her last advice is to keep on working out indoors since winter is wrapping around.

Check out her “Size Reduction project” video below: