Hyosung Finally Wins Contract Battle Against TS Entertainment

She’s finally free from TS Entertainment.

The court has given an update about Hyosung’s lawsuit related to her exclusive contract with TS Entertainment. The Seoul Western District Court ruled in favor of Hyosung and has fined TS Entertainment for damages. 

According to the court, “TS Entertainment has to pay 130 million won including residual contracts and unpaid payments to Hyosung. They should also cover the cost of the lawsuit.” 

With the lawsuit already on a final verdict, Hyosung’s contract with her former agency will also be terminated. 

Hyosung initially filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment in 2017 for breach of contract. It led to an indefinite suspension of her contract with Hyosung eventually signing on with a new agency to manage her activities. 

TS Entertainment To Take Legal Action Against Jeon Hyosung For Signing With Another Label

Despite the suspension, however, TS Entertainment felt it was unfair to sign a double contract and responded with their own legal claim. This was denied by her lawyers and ultimately, the latest verdict, invalidating it. 

Source: StarNews