TS Entertainment To Take Legal Action Against Jeon Hyosung For Signing With Another Label

TS claims it’s a “clear breach of contract”.

Former SECRET member, Jeon Hyosung, has been in a legal dispute with her agency after TS Entertainment failed to pay her since 2015. She revealed that she’s lost trust with her company, and tried to resolve the matter amicably. However, TS Entertainment refused to nullify or adjust her contract, leading to a lawsuit between the two parties.

The lawsuit eventually suspended Jeon Hyosung’s contract with TS Entertainment indefinitely starting in September 2018. Just a couple of months later, Jeon Hyosung reportedly signed an exclusive contract with TOMMY & PARTNERS.

As a response to news about her new agency, TS Entertainment announced that they will be taking legal actions against her for breaching their contract that is still legally valid. According to TS Entertainment, Jeon Hyosung signed with TOMMY & PARTNERS without any discussion or notice.

“Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

We are announcing our official position regarding today’s news about Jeon Hyosung signing an exclusive contract.

Jeon Hyosung’s exclusive contract with [TS Entertainment] is valid, and the court decision is set to be announced on November 14, 2018. Therefore, it is a clear breach of contract for Jeon Hyosung to sign another exclusive contract with a new agency.

We are deeply regretful about how, despite the legal dispute we are currently in, Jeon Hyosung entered into another exclusive contract and unilaterally revealed the news through a press release without any discussion or inquiry with [TS Entertainment]. As a response, we will take strict legal actions against [Jeon Hyosung] for causing damage to our image and creating a controversy by unilaterally signing a double contract.

We thank everyone who continues to love and support our artists, and we promise to work diligently for our artists.

Thank you.”

— TS Entertainment

Source: xportsnews