Hyoyeon Gets Real About Girls’ Generation Members’ Current Relationship

They call how often?!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently shared an unfiltered truth about the current relationship among the group’s members.

Girls Generation’s Hyoyeon | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Recently, Hyoyeon made a comeback with her new single “Picture.” On August 29, the singer appeared on KBS CoolFM‘s Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza to promote the song and shared fun stories about her career. During the interview, Hyoyeon also answered multiple questions sent in by listeners.

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One fan asked her about how the other members of the group reacted to her new single, and in her response, Hyoyeon ended up “exposing” the true relationship among them. She revealed that, in reality, none of the members keep tabs on the others’ individual schedules simply because they are all very busy, and keeping up with so many members is nearly impossible.

Lee Eun Ji: They are curious to know what the members said when you were preparing for the album.

Hyoyeon: But now, since we have so many members and have a lot of individual schedules… Our members are doing well in K-Dramas; we’re all very busy. So, now we’re not that curious to know what each of us is up to.

Hyoyeon said that she didn’t tell anyone about her new single while preparing for it, but after its release, she asked her members to promote it whenever possible. But she jokingly added that she is yet to receive any feedback from them, except for one member she met recently.

Lee Eun Ji: Because you guys already know so well, there are so many articles being written, and concerts, and such.

Hyoyeon: Yes. That’s why this time, while preparing for my solo song, I didn’t say anything to them. After the song was released, I told them it came out asked them to promote it, but there was no feedback… I met one of the members yesterday, and they said it was very cool.

The same fan had asked a second question about which Girls’ Generation member was most likely to answer Hyoyeon’s call right away. In reply, she named two members, Tiffany and Sooyoung.

When host Lee Eun Ji asked whether they all stay in touch frequently, Hyoyeon shockingly revealed that the truth is the contrary. They barely call each other, approximately “once every six months.”

Lee Eun Ji: Do you guys often call each other?

Hyoyeon: No. To be honest, we might talk once every six months.

It’s no secret that the Girls’ Generation members share an almost family-like relationship after being a part of the group for nearly 16 years. It’s hard to miss how their easygoing dynamic was reflected in Hyoyeon’s answers right away!

Girls’ Generation | @girlsgeneration/Instagram

You can watch the full interview here:

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