[★BREAKING] Hyoyoung admits she threatened to “cut up Areum’s face”

Hwayoung‘s twin sister Hyoyoung has released a statement confessing that leaked messages of her threatening former T-ara’s Ahreum are real.

Just moments ago, Koreaboo broke news about a staff member leaking chat logs that show Hyoyoung threatening Ahreum via KakaoTalk. The leaks came after both Hwayoung and Hyoyoung appeared on TV Show “Taxi” discussing the alleged bullying incident which shocked T-ara fans in 2012.

A former T-ara manager has already come forth and confirmed that the staff member is telling the truth. 

The former staff member revealed that Hwayoung and Hyoyoung were not innocent in the incident and were extremely difficult to work with while in T-ara and 5Dolls.

Hyoyoung threatened to slice Ahreum’s face with a knife. [She] cussed out T-ARA members saying they needed a beating to come to their senses.”

– Former T-ARA Staff Member

Now, Hyoyoung has completely confirmed the leaked chat logs are real through her agency, B.A.M Entertainment.

Hyoyoung was very young back then, and seeing Hwayoung suffer from the ‘bullying incident’ made her step in because they’re family. Hyoyoung could not have known everything that was happening within T-ARA internally. She became emotional because she was seeing her little sister suffer so much. There was no other reason for sending the messages.

— B.A.M Entertainment

Below is the full translations of the messages that she originally sent to Ahreum.

Hyoyoung: Ahreum it’s Hyoyoung unnie.
Ahreum: Yes unnie hi^^!!
Hyoyoung: Ahrem you have to be thankful and say thank you when you’re being taken care of. If you don’t want to get beaten up act right. Word spreads fast in this field. Don’t mouth around and don’t act cheap ^^. I’m extremely angry right now so let’s not run into each other.
Hyoyoung: If I’ve misunderstood anything do you want to meet and talk? Or do you want to apologize now.
Ahreum: I don’t know what you’re talking about but I want to meet and talk. I’ve never done anything bad enough to deserve to hear such words.

Hyoyoung: Little ones can get lost.
Hyoyoung: I’m going to beat the dust off you at Music Bank.
Hyoyoung: I’m going to scratch your face so you can’t go on TV**
Hyoyoung: ㅎㅎㅎ Just you wait~^^
Hyoyoung: I’m not going to be a singer ㅎ so just wait ^^. Dogs only listen when they take a beating.
Hyoyoung: You bitch. Just wait until I catch you.
Hyoyoung: Yes just keep~~~snitching.

Check out the original screenshots below. 

The original leaked KakaoTalk conversations.
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