Hyukoh officially responds to plagiarism accusations

Hyukoh has released an official statement after being involved in a recent plagiarism controversy.

On July 24th, hyukoh’s agency High Ground released an official statement on this matter. Representatives first stated, “They are feeling sorry for the artists who are involved in such scandal after preparing so hard before releasing their song.

They added that “Panda Bear” was released in January while Yumi Zouma’s “Dodi” was released in March. They claimed that it was not possible time-wise that any plagiarism could be done. They also hoped, “Everyone expect more from hyukoh as they have recently become the center of attention of the public.”

Earlier, Hyukoh was accused of plagiarism for their songs “Lonely” and “Panda Bear” from The Whitest Boy Alive’s “1517” and Yumi Zouma’s “Dodi.”



Source: OSEN