[★TRENDING] Hyun Bin’s Comments On Getting Married Resurface After Dating News

Hyun Bin‘s past comments on his views on getting married have resurfaced after he was revealed to be dating actress Kang Sora.

Hyun Bin, as one of Korea’s top actors, does not easily reveal his ideal type, but before his military enlistment, he was quoted to have said that, “I like a woman who is very understanding. Because of the field I am working in, it’s hard to find someone who can be truly understanding of everything”.

As an actress herself, Kang Sora is bound to be much more understanding than the average female when it comes to the difficulties, the limitations and the hardship that comes from being in a relationship with an actor.

Kang Sora, on the other hand, stated in a past interview that her ideal type of man is “Someone who is tall and has broad shoulders. I also like it when they’re not too overly skinny. I want someone who I can share my hobbies with, someone that I can have fun just talking to.”

Like Kang Sora who fits Hyun Bin’s ideal type of woman perfectly, the physical description of Kang Sora’s ideal type of man seems to match Hyun Bin very closely.

The news reports also highlighted that Hyun Bin had mentioned that he stated that he plans to get married at some point after he was discharged from the mandatory military service.

He later stated that he wishes to get married before he turns 40 years old. He stated, “I wish to be married before I turn 40. Just like everyone else, I believe a marriage is one of the most important moments in one’s life. It changes your life in many ways. I envy my friends who are married and have a family (although they may envy my freedom in life).”

The actor is set to turn 35 years old in Korea as of 2017.

The two actors have been dating for half a month, and the full story of how their relationship came to be can be found here.

Source: Money Today, Sports Korea, OSEN