HyunA Caught The Bouquet At Her Friend’s Wedding, And Now We Want A 2nd Round Of Wedding Bells

Could another wedding be on the cards? 😂

When it comes to K-Pop couples that are #goals, one of the first duos that come to mind are HyunA and DAWN. The two met while signed under Cube Entertainment, and after announcing their relationship in 2018, they both left and joined PSY‘s label P NATION

After being together for so long, many rumors and discussions about when the two will get married have arisen, and it seems as if it could be sooner rather than later if recent customs dictate.


On October 23, images were shared of HyunA, who was spotted attending the wedding ceremony of her stylist, Uhm Ah Reum. HyunA was wearing a cream and pink floral knee-length dress in the pictures, with matching pink cowboy boots and a cream beanie.

However, one video caught the eyes of fans, and it was the one of HyunA after she caught the bride’s bouquet and her excited body language after it happened.

Although it might seem just like a normal picture to many, the symbolism behind the gesture has a deep meaning. The tradition of the “bouquet toss” has existed for hundreds of years. When the bride throws the bouquet over her head, it is normally done into a group of single women.

According to traditions, whoever catches the bouquet is meant the be the “next” person to walk down the aisle and get married. In Korea, if you catch it but don’t get married within a year, it means you will not get married for the next 10 years! 

After this photo was shared, many wondered whether it could be a sign that HyunA and DAWN might be getting married. However, earlier in the month, HyunA had the best answer to a fan asking a future proposal with a verse from her hit song, “I’m Not Cool.”

I don’t know. I can’t even tell my own mood, Leviosa!

— HyunA

Although it might not be happening any time soon, fans couldn’t hide their excitement on social media after seeing the clip. For many, they would gladly see HyunA and DAWN married, but of course, it is their decision, and as they are both still young, there is no rush!

You can read more about the adorable relationship between HyunA and DAWN below!

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