HyunA Confesses Why She Doesn’t Get Recognized Much Out In Public

She has been an idol since 2007 and yet…

As one of the most popular K-Pop idols, HyunA is a hard-to-miss face for anyone who hasn’t been living under the rocks. But the singer recently revealed that people often don’t recognize her on the streets.

HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

HyunA appeared on Kim Jaejoong‘s YouTube variety show, JaeFriends, as a guest. The January 11 episode featuring the singer showed her laid-back side as she chatted with the host about her life, present and past.

HyunA and Jaejoong | @uhmg_studio/YouTube

Jaejoong took the opportunity to show that he was a genuine fan of HyunA, flaunting his detailed knowledge about the singer’s career.

However, he mentioned that one aspect of HyunA was very unexpected even for him: her height! Jaejoong said he had a feeling that HyunA would be around 170 cm tall. But in reality, she is much shorter.

The singer admitted that many people seem to have the same idea about her. People often walk right past her on the street, saying, “That’s not HyunA. She’s not that small,” unaware that she is, in fact, the HyunA.

She also mentioned that her feet are as small as 210 mm, and when she is promoting her albums, her weight usually hangs around 41 kg. “So I’m tiny,” she explained, saying that people can hardly recognize her on the street because they think she is tall in person.

Jaejoong complimented HyunA, saying that the reason why people think she is tall is because her presence itself is huge.

HyunA argued that she intentionally creates settings where she looks bigger than she is, like wearing tall heels. But Jaejoong doubled down on his point, emphasizing that she had such a naturally powerful presence that sometimes she seemed like a senior to him, even though he debuted years before her!

Though HyunA kept refuting Jaejoong’s point, it is difficult for us not to agree. After all, she is Queen  HyunA for a reason!