HyunA Spotted On Date With Controversial Boyfriend

The two were intimate and didn’t mind the attention.

HyunA was spotted on a date with her controversial boyfriend.

HyunA | Segye Ilbo

On February 8, OSEN reported that HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung were spotted at a mall. The two reportedly were enjoying themselves on a date in Gangnam.

Hyuna (left) and Yong Jun Hyung (right)

According to one witness, the two were holding hands and didn’t seem to mind the attention from fans.

The two were holding hands while looking inside the store. They were dressed casually. As much as they were honest and bold when revealing their relationship, they didn’t seem to care about people looking at them.

— Witness

Meanwhile, HyunA revealed her relationship on January 18. The news was immediately hit with backlash due to Yong Jun Hyung’s involvement in the Burning Sun controversy.

HyunA Continues To Lose Followers After Revealing Relationship With Yong Jun Hyung

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Source: osen