HyunA Destroys DAWN In A Dance Off And Proves She’s The Ultimate K-Pop Stan

We love seeing legends supporting legends! 💖

HyunA and DAWN are preparing for their musical debut as a couple and as a part of this they are filming a YouTube series showing the process.

| 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube 

During a break, their staff decided to challenge them by singing them songs from the Melon chart and seeing if they recognized them. Based on DAWN’s face at hearing what they’d be doing, it seemed like HyunA might’ve won before they’d even begun.

“I’ll sing you the Melon chart. See if you know any of them.” | 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube 

The first song asked was aespa‘s “Next Level” which HyunA immediately popped up to do the point choreography for.

| 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube 
“Next Level” | M2/YouTube 

This was followed by the surprise hit that took over the beginning of the year, Brave Girls‘ “Rollin”. HyunA was fully committed to the task at hand and jumped up on the closest piece of furniture to accurately perform the original choreography.

| 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube
“Rollin” | Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

When TWICE‘s “Alcohol-Free” was called, HyunA even sang the lyrics as she danced the beginning of the chorus.

| 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube
“Alcohol-Free” | MBCkpop/YouTube 

HyunA could’ve stumbled when rookie group STAYC‘s “ASAP” was called but she was ready to perform that one as well.

| 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube
“ASAP” | KBS Kpop/YouTube

When the pair was challenged to ITZY‘s “Mafia In The Morning”, she excitedly did Yuna‘s “bearing my teeth” move.

| 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube
“Mafia In The Morning” | M2/YouTube 

The final song they were challenged to was Oh My Girl‘s “Nonstop” which she was able to perform flawlessly despite the song being over a year old. Talk about memory!

| 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube
“Nonstop” | M2/YouTube 

The only choreography that was missed was BTS‘s “Dynamite” which she graciously tried to throw to DAWN. Whether he got the choreography right or not is up to you.

DAWN’s attempt at “Dynamite”? | 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube

When talking about her thoughts on her juniors later on in the segment, HyunA had this to say.

I just watch and cheer for them on. So when I watch other artists’ performances, I watch them all.


“I just watch and cheer for them on. So when I watch other artists’ performances, I watch them all.” | 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube

While DAWN may have missed most of the songs, he had an excellent excuse. “All I can see is you” he replied adorably.

All I can see is you” | 스튜디오 룰루랄라- studio lululala/YouTube

We love HyunA’s support for her junior artists and DAWN’s support for HyunA. To see the full clip, check out the video below: