HyunA And DAWN To Make Their Comeback With Their First Ever Duet Song Together

K-Pop’s favorite couple is releasing their first song together.

K-Pop’s most open couple HyunA and DAWN will be making their comeback with their first duet song together.

According to an exclusive report from Osen, HyunA and DAWN will be releasing a duet song on September 9. While they have made comebacks on the same day in the past, with HyunA releasing “FLOWER SHOWER” and DAWN releasing “MONEY” on November 5, 2019, this will be their first song together.

Anticipation is high for their duet song, as they have been openly dating for about six years now. Many within the entertainment industry are looking forward to the concept and chemistry that they will show during their performances.

P-NATION recently shared a teaser for their next comeback which is scheduled for September 9, but didn’t release many hints. Some fans believed PSY‘s expression to be similar to one he had in “Gangnam Style”, which HyunA was a part of. In addition, two silhouettes can be seen in his sunglasses, leading fans to believe it could be HyunA and DAWN.

HyunA also shared a clip of her music video filming with DAWN, further supporting the article’s report.

Source: Osen