Non-K-Pop Fans Terrorize A News Article About HyunA And DAWN’s Engagement

Some people can’t be happy for them.

HyunA and her longtime boyfriend DAWN made their engagement public as they showed off their matching rings on Instagram. In the sweetest proposal ever, DAWN posted a shot of HyunA wearing a majestic opal ring and the caption, “MARRY ME?” HyunA replied in the affirmative, of course!

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

As soon as the news broke out, fans flocked to congratulate the happy couple. News articles began to circulate on the internet to alert everyone of the news. A news outlet based in the US, Teen Vogue, congratulated them.

Most did not find the shoutout and article surprising because K-Pop’s popularity is growing in the US. However, rude comments soon began flooding in. A bulk of them were from non-K-Pop fans who did not have a clue who the pair were.

Most of the comments involved mocking the pair for being unknown or derogatory comments about their looks.

On the other hand, fans are ardently defending the pair and explaining who they are. They have also been flooding the happy couple with an onslaught of congratulatory comments. Ever since the engagement was announced, fans have been nothing but happy and supportive. Read more about their love story and engagement below.

From Banished Lovers To Proudly Engaged, Here’s HyunA & DAWN’s Love Story