HyunA And Dawn Set To Be The First K-Pop Couple To Promote Together As A Musical Duo

The pair continue to break barriers in K-Pop!

In the first issue of Rolling Stones Korea, it was revealed that real-life K-Pop couple HyunA and Dawn are currently working on a joint project and plan to promote music together in the future!

| Rolling Stones Korea

Alongside the other artists signed to Psy‘s record label P NATION, HyunA and Dawn took part in a pictorial and interview for the publication’s first issue released this month.

They both explained how supportive Psy has been of the couple, allowing them to thrive both as performers and friendly rivals. However, the article also mentioned that the two will come together in the future for a unique project.

HyunA and Dawn are working on a joint project together, marking a first-of-its-kind KPOP release: a real-life couple will promote as a musical duo.

— Rolling Stones Korea

| Allure Korea

Although artists collaborating in K-Pop isn’t something new, it will be the first time it has happened between a real-life couple!

It won’t be the first time the duo has performed and promoted together. When HyunA and Dawn were signed to Cube Entertainment, they promoted with PENTAGON leader Hui in Triple H. Yet, it will be the first time the pair perform together as a couple!

With both HyunA and Dawn being extremely talented artists in their own right, it will be exciting to see what the two can do together!

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