HyunA And DAWN Go Viral For Their Hot And Steamy Performance Of “PING PONG”

Their chemistry was off the charts!

Although the world of K-Pop has amassed millions of fans worldwide, it doesn’t mean the industry is perfect. One issue that has always been debated is the topic of idols dating. It has been seen as a taboo, with many groups having bans on relationships or having to hide them.

However, one couple who has continued to break that mold is HyunA and DAWN.

DAWN (left) and HyunA (right) | @hyunahh_aa/Instagram

The duo has definitely had a romance that took the K-Pop world by storm. After meeting at Cube Entertainment, the two started dating and were eventually made to leave the company after the news broke in 2018.

Although many thought their relationship wouldn’t last, the duo has stayed strong for five years and continue to make their own rules.

One thing the pair has always gained attention for is their confidence and public displays of affection when they’re together, something that isn’t common in Korean society.

Recently, the duo went viral for their intense chemistry and affection during a performance at Kyunghee University Festival. During the event, both HyunA and DAWN slayed with their own solo tracks. Yet, it was their duet of the track, “PING PONG,” that really caught the attention of international fans.

| Coffee4U/YouTube 
| Coffee4U/YouTube 

Certain moments of the performance really caught the attention of fans online and have been watched millions of times by netizens.

During one of the moments, the duo seemed to be in their own world while dancing. Although the music was playing, crowds were shouting, and there were pyrotechnics going off all around, HyunA and DAWN seemed immersed solely in each other.

The comments were absolutely hilarious, with many joking that they felt they were third-wheeling the duo while they were on stage.

It didn’t stop there. The couple continued to set the stage on fire both literally but also with their intense chemistry and stage presence. At one point, HyunA removed her jacket and started wiping a sweaty and shirtless DAWN with it.

If that wasn’t enough to set the internet alight, their cute public display of affection was enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. Whether it was running into each other’s arms or kissing, they proved that their romance and love are still as strong as ever.


Others also posted that, after HyunA’s hilarious response to a marriage proposal, the idol was seen showcasing her engagement ring throughout.

| @softforhyunadawn/Twitter

In an industry where dating and romance are still taboo, HyunA and DAWN’s love has started to break down those stigmas. The fact that they’re so open about their feelings for each other on stage and the support from netizens prove that things are slowly changing.

Check out the duo’s full performance below: