HyunA “Ships” DAWN With Wonho, Teasingly Encouraging Them To Kiss

She’s just like us!

K-Pop solo artists DAWN and Wonho have more in common than some may realize.

They not only don’t fit conventional norms with their styles, but they also have overcome struggles, leaving boy groups when wrongfully attacked by media, and now have successful solo careers.

Naturally, the two have hit it off as they promote their comebacks at the same time. Wonho is promoting “CRAZY” from his third mini-album FACADE, while DAWN made his comeback with “Stupid Cool.”

So, while promoting on music shows, they also filmed many TikTok dance challenge videos together. They learned the point dances of each other’s songs and posted the videos on each other’s respective social media accounts.

In one of their recent TikTok dance challenge videos, they danced to Wonho’s “CRAZY.” As always, they killed the choreography.

DAWN (left) and Wonho (right).

Then halfway through the video, DAWN admires Wonho’s abs. So, Wonho assists DAWN in doing some situps while HyunA (also romanized as Hyun Ah) can be heard offscreen, encouraging them to do a “peck kiss!”ย 

When fans realized it was HyunA offscreen yelling for them to kiss, they couldn’t get over it.

Some suspect that HyunA was referring to the iconic scene in the drama Secret Garden.ย 

Others couldn’t help but let their mind wander far to a potential threesome.

Yet, there were fans thinking more professionally. Perhaps, Wonho could move to P NATION, join them, and reboot Triple H. Triple Hย was a trio consisting of HyunA andย PENTAGON‘sย Hui and DAWN (formerly E’Dawn, formed by Cube Entertainment.

Of course, HyunA and DAWN are engaged, but they are always unafraid of spicy PDA. Apparently, even if it’s with others…

DAWN (left) and HyunA (right). | Jinoo 95/YouTube

Nonetheless, it’s actually surprisingly wholesome to see how far Wonho has come with his friendship with DAWN and HyunA! He used to be so shy.

Watch Wonho and DAWN’s TikTok below:


with #๋˜ #DAWNโค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ”ฅ @DAWN #์›ํ˜ธ #WONHO #CRAZY #ํฌ๋ ˆ์ด์ง€ #CRAZYChallenge

โ™ฌ CRAZY (TikTok Challenge Ver.) – WONHO

Correction: A previous of this article mislabeled the artists in photo.

Source: @official_wonho