Jessi Reveals How She Feels About Hyuna And E’Dawn’s Dating Controversy

Jessi shared how she feels regarding the fact that Hyuna and PENTAGON E’Dawn’s dating news has become a controversy among Korean netizens.

Ever since Hyuna and PENTAGON‘s E’Dawn revealed that they have been dating for 2 years, Korean netizens have stirred up negative comments towards the couple.

The controversy even caused E’Dawn to cancel his activities with PENTAGON.


Jessi, a close friend of Hyuna, discussed how she felt about their dating news through an Instagram live. Needless to say, she was not having all the hate towards Hyuna and her new beau!

“Everyone can date whoever the f*ck they want, okay? We’re not little children. Doesn’t matter if you’re an idol.

They do have a little bit of an image, but she’s old enough to date whoever the hell she wants. And the fact that she came out and said she’s dating whoever, let her date him.”

— Jessi


All she wants is for Hyuna and E’Dawn to be happy, and people should respect their decision and privacy.

“Let them be happy! Let people be happy, please!

I just want people to let people be happy.”

— Jessi


Jessi called out all the haters who’ve been bashing on the couple, claiming it was “so f*cking sad” that they couldn’t be happy for others.

“Sometimes people want people to fail and sh*t… It’s so sad. Ya’ll are so f*cking sad and sh*t.”

— Jessi


It’s always good to see a strong woman stand up for another!