Hyuna And E’Dawn Are Lovestagramming It Up In New Couple Photos

They’re getting cuter all the time.

Power couple Hyuna and E’Dawn (formerly of PENTAGON) have shared new, lovey-dovey couple photos on their Instagrams, and fans couldn’t be happier about it.


Since going public with their relationship this past summer, Hyuna and E’Dawn haven’t been shy about sharing their love. They’ve posted cute photos from their dates…

Hyuna Posts Adorable Photos Of Her Recent Date With E’Dawn


…and have playfully bantered back and forth on social media.

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On November 20, Hyuna uploaded three posts worth of photos from her most recent date with E’Dawn. In the first post, Hyuna strikes vogue poses while modeling vintage clothing for the photographer, who is most likely E’Dawn.


In front of an array of vintage items, Hyuna’s beauty shines…


…and the pastel jacket she wears matches perfectly with her purse.


In the following post, Hyuna goes from top model to adorable dork as she strikes these silly poses.


We’re not sure what she’s doing with her hair…


…but we’re all for it!


Hyuna’s third post reveals that E’Dawn was with her the whole time! In the first photo, E’Dawn’s signature blue hair falls into the foreground as Hyuna snaps a mirror selfie. In the bottom right-hand corner, E’Dawn adjusts a ring.


In the second photo, E’Dawn is no longer photobombing Hyuna’s selfie…


..but he returns in the third photo to sweetly pose with her.


The fourth photo, like the previous three, was posted without a caption, but it could easily be described as #RelationshipGoals!


E’Dawn also posted photos from the date on his Instagram. While Hyuna’s photos were taken inside the store, E’Dawn’s were snapped out on the street.


He couldn’t look happier to be out walking his dog with the photographer, who is most likely his adoring girlfriend.


Like Hyuna, E’Dawn couldn’t help striking a vogue pose…


…or two!


Fans of the couple have left messages on these Instagram posts, expressing their support.


In addition to these sweet photos, the couple also gifted their fans with a live broadcast that was taken during their car ride that day.


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