“Scandal Couple” HyunA And E’Dawn Release Photoshoot Of Them In Love

This has never happened before in K-Pop:

The lovey-dovey couple HyunA and E’Dawn have revealed their latest photoshoot with MAPS and anyone can tell they are madly in love!


The photoshoot involves an eccentric and free-spirited concept that suits the couple perfectly.


With some taken in black-and-white, the couple looks as if they have let go and are truly expressing themselves.


Moreover, they boldly showed their love for each other in the photoshoots with a few kissing scenes as well.


It’s no secret that the two idols have absolutely the best chemistry…


And they look like they were completely meant for each other.


Some netizens have even been commenting that they two are really beginning to resemble each other, like two peas in a pod!


HyunA and E’Dawn also took individual shots and showed of their own unique charms.


Meanwhile, the lovely couple recently released a clip of their new song which got fans speculating that they may be engaged!

Did HyunA Just Confirm She’s Engaged? Uhh, It Kinda Looks Like It!

Source: Newsen
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