Did HyunA Just Confirm She’s Engaged? Uhh, It Kinda Looks Like It!

It may be safe to assume that the inseparable couple is engaged!

The lovey-dovey couple HyunA and E’Dawn have revealed their new song, but that’s not all they revealed!


On January 3, HyunA shared a video on her social media which showed the couple listening to their new duet track.


This was followed by another video post which included a caption of the lyrics.


While the lyrics were as adorable as the couple themselves, what really caught the eyes of fans was how HyunA referred to E’Dawn: fiancé!

“(HyunA) This is a nuance only we know
I’ll promise everything, fiancé
A bunch of peonies have bloomed

(E’Dawn) You and I walked on the same path
We walk our remaining time together, everyday
We shine brighter than anything
Like a 100-carat diamond”



And while it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, fans speculate that the couple is now engaged and are extremely excited about the news.


HyunA and E’Dawn were also recently seen wearing earrings that closely resembled engagement rings, further arousing the curiosity of eager HyunA-E’Dawn shippers!


Source: My Daily
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