HyunA Shares Video With E’Dawn After Leaving Cube Entertainment

She threw shade at Cube.

It was announced earlier today that HyunA will officially be leaving Cube Entertainment as of October 15.

HyunA Officially Departs From Cube Entertainment


Not long after the news was released, HyunA has shared a series of posts that show herself and E’Dawn, who has apparently gotten a refreshing new hairstyle, openly having a great time in each other’s company.


In one video, HyunA struts with confidence as she walks towards her boyfriend E’Dawn with a huge smile on her face.


HyunA, with a new and cute hairstyle herself, evidently looks extremely happy.


Fans have been expressing how happy they are for the idol and the couple, and have been showing their unconditional support.

  • “If HyunA is happy, then I’m happy too”
  • “I’m so happy for you”
  • “We will always support you”
  • “I’m rooting for you, E’Dawn and your relationship. I hope you guys stay strong, stay happy and loving each other till the end. Prove it to them the power of love”
  • “I’m so happy. Take care of yourself unnieee”
  • “Ur finally free”
  • “We’ll always support you baby, do whatever you want and be happy”
  • “My heart genuinely feels warm knowing that you’re content and happy”


Here’s to a fresh new start for the queen, HyunA!

Source: Instagram