HyunA Officially Departs From Cube Entertainment

She is leaving for good.

Cube Entertainment has officially announced on October 15th that HyunA will no longer be managed under the agency.

“On October 15, we have agreed to cancel our contract with HyunA. Once again, we sincerely thank fans who have been with the artist until now.” ㅡ Cube Entertainment


The news comes after a source recently revealed that HyunA and E’Dawn would be leaving Cube Entertainment together.

HyunA To Leave Cube Entertainment With E’Dawn According To Source


In regard to E’Dawn’s next move, no statements have yet been released.


Despite the numerous scandals that have been surrounding the two artists and the agency, which was sparked by their dating confession, HyunA recently posted photos that showed that their relationship was not affected by the issues.

Hyuna Posts Adorable Photos Of Her Recent Date With E’Dawn


Meanwhile, netizens have been supporting HyunA’s decision to leave Cube Entertainment and have left messages of encouragement to the idol:

  • “HyunA, let’s leave this agency and become more successful. Fighting”
  • “HyunA, I look forward to seeing greater things and will be waiting! Always support you!”
  • “Cube Entertainment was no good anyway. HyunA, go to a better place and show us more of you”
  • “Cube is seriously not understandable. HyunA let’s succeed more elsewhere. I always support you!!!!”