HyunA To Leave Cube Entertainment With E’Dawn According To Source

“I think my relationship with Cube Entertainment ends here.”

HyunA is allegedly leaving Cube Entertainment with her boyfriend, E’Dawn due to broken trust between the artist and the agency.


According to a source, HyunA is taking the appropriate measures in preparation for parting ways with the company.

“I think my relationship with Cube Entertainment ends here.” ㅡ HyunA


HyunA was the only member among the 4MINUTE members to resign with Cube Entertainment and has since been actively promoting as a solo artist. However, as a result of her dating scandal with E’Dawn and Cube Entertainment’s announcement that stated HyunA and E’Dawn was being “kicked out” of the agency, they have decided to part ways.


The source explained that HyunA was hurt by news of her “removal” from Cube Entertainment and that both sides could not recover each others’ trust.

“She (HyunA) was hurt by the fact that Cube Entertainment announced her removal from the agency before any discussions and although some executive opinions were split, Cube Entertainment also deemed it difficult to resolve the conflicts and issues they had with HyunA so in actuality, they are working at concluding the contract. There isn’t much time left in the contract period, so the wrap up is proceeding naturally.” ㅡ Source


HyunA and Cube Entertainment’s relationship began to go south when HyunA’s dating rumors first began spreading. Soon after, Cube Entertainment made an official announcement that the rumors were false.

(★TRENDING) HyunA Reportedly Dating Fellow Triple H Member E’Dawn


Not long after, however, HyunA took it upon herself to share a post on her SNS account, confessing that she had been dating E’Dawn for 2 years without notifying Cube Entertainment, who had already issued an official statement denying the rumors.

Hyuna and E’Dawn Confess They’ve Been Dating For Years


Cube Entertainment slowly began canceling HyunA and E’Dawn’s promotions and eventually issued a statement notifying that HyunA and E’Dawn were being removed from the company. HyunA and E’Dawn were apparently notified of their removal through the news.

HyunA and E’Dawn Have Been Removed From Cube Entertainment


Cube Entertainment then issued another statement clarifying that the two idols’ removal from the company was not confirmed. Some believe the statement was issued as a result of falling stock prices.

Cube Entertainment States HyunA and E’Dawn’s Removal Is Not Yet Confirmed


Despite the information provided by the source, HyunA and E’Dawn’s next move has yet to be officially announced.

Source: Ilgan Sports