HyunA Gets Teary-Eyed During Live Performance, Makes An Unexpected Promise

She really chose fans over profit!

K-Pop icon HyunA might have a public image of being a sexy diva, but fans know her for her softhearted nature as well. During a recent live performance, the singer once again showed how much she appreciates her fans.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Recently, HyunA appeared at the Dong-A University Spring Festival in Busan and delivered some power-packed performances. The audience response was thunderous as they sang along to her classic hits, loud enough to outdo the singer’s own voice. During “Bubble Pop,” the audience members almost took over for her during the choruses!

When she approached the end of her set, the audience was reluctant to let HyunA go and kept requesting her to stay longer. Touched deeply by her fans’ love, HyunA could be seen tearing up on the stage. She sadly informed them that it was time for her to leave the stage, but she would be back the next time.

| @TheGsd/YouTube

But the singer was so moved by all the love she received that she lifted her pinky and promised that the next time she comes, she would perform for free!

I’ll make a promise. I’ll come again next time. I’ll just come without receiving an event fee….I have a lot of money. I’ll just come.


She encouraged the audience to record her words, saying, “Record this. Record it on video. You have to have proof for things like this.” HyunA, still teary-eyed, showed her gratefulness to the audience, saying that their “beautiful hearts” had touched her so deeply that she would go back running to perform again if she got a call the next time.

| @TheGsd/YouTube

The audience members were also touched by her words and responded with loud cheers as she performed the last song for the night.

Source: YouTube