HyunA and Hyojong Officially Join PSY’s New Agency P-NATION

They have a new agency.

HyunA and Hyojong (formerly E’Dawn) have joined PSY‘s new agency P-NATION! PSY revealed the news on his personal Instagram, signaling a brand new start for the couple.


PSY could be seen with the couple, welcoming them to his new agency. Both HyunA and Hyojong’s thumbs could be seen with red ink, showing that they stamped their contracts with their thumbs.


P-NATION, who also recently signed Jessi, has promised that all of their artists will be actively promoting in 2019.

Jessi Reportedly Signed An Exclusive Contract With PSY’s New Agency


Furthermore, he has been reported to be scouting trainees from other agencies, to begin the process of forming his own idol group.

PSY Reportedly Scouted Trainees From Famous Companies To Debut In His Idol Group


It was previously reported that HyunA and Hyojong would be looking to sign contracts with separate agencies in order for their work to not affect their relationship, but they will be staying together as they continue to promote as celebrities!