PSY Reportedly Scouted Trainees From Famous Companies To Debut In His Idol Group

He’s preparing to debut an idol group.

Legendary artist, PSY, is reportedly preparing to debut his own idol group under his label, P-NATION. PSY set up his own label, called P-NATION, after leaving YG Entertainment this past May.


Industry insiders claim that PSY has held numerous auditions at various vocal and dance academies to recruit potential members, and even scouted trainees from famous agencies to switch over to his label. PSY also recruited a rookie development team’s manager at a famous company to train his upcoming idol group.

“PSY’s agency recently opened up their office and has recruiting a large amount of trainees. They are showing aggressive signs on debuting a new group of trainees by even scouting the rookie development manager from a large agency.”

— Industry Insider


The news of PSY preparing his own idol group is shaking up the industry as he’s a legendary performer and singer-songwriter himself. He’s broken numerous records all over the world with “GANGNAM STYLE”, “GENTLEMAN”, and more.


Not only has he found success by writing songs for himself, he’s also written famous songs for other artists, such as Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Because You’re My Woman’, Seo In Young’s ‘Cinderella’, DJ DOC’s ‘


P-NATION also recently recruited Jessi into their agency, claiming that they will be supporting her as both an artist and entertainer.


Only time will tell what kind of idol group PSY is preparing to debut into the world!

Source: Sports Seoul
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