Hyuna And Jessi Show Off Their Stunning Figures In Skin-Tight Dresses

Netizens are beyond jealous of these two sexy queens!

Hyuna and Jessi are two best friends who happen to share the title of “Sexy Queens” in the K-Pop industry! And they’ve proven their sexy bond once again by uploading multiple photos together!


The two gathered together for a quick shoot where they each wore dresses that best fit their personalities!


Jessi wore a tight neon-green bodycon dress that exemplified her unique and vibrant personality, while Hyuna wore a white mini-dress that showed off her sexy side and youthful side perfectly!


Looking at these two gorgeous queens show off their stunning body lines, netizens couldn’t help but be in awe!


Many left comments about how jealous they were of their perfectly sculpted figures, stunning beauty, and dedicated workout routines!


Now that these two queens are label-mates, hopefully fans will be seeing more photos like these in the future!

Source: Isplus
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