HyunA Erases Overlined Lips And Shows Off Lovely Charm With No-Makeup Look

She was gorgeous either way.

HyunA has recently shown off a new and lovely charm with a no-makeup look in contrast to recent photos of her overlined lips.

On July 8th, HyunA shared a video on herself without any eye makeup or lipstick on her Instagram.


She showed off a lovely charm that contrasted the image she gave when she had darker makeup.


Her outfit of the day was also congruent with her makeup as she was wearing a feminine maxi dress with a white floppy hat.


HyunA recently showed up at the airport with emphasis on her overlined red lipstick.


Some netizens even suspected that she got lip fillers after seeing her new look.


In response to these accusations, HyunA expressed her shock in how such a small change could give rise to so much uproar and also condemned those who did not hesitate to upload malicious comments.

Translation: “Me with no eye makeup and overlined lips is me. I enjoy the fact that I can change how I look with heavy makeup or light makeup.☺️I also enjoy the fact that I can daily change how I look thanks to my schedules. What I don’t like are the malicious comments that come so naturally.”


Meanwhile, fans have been showering HyunA with praise on how gorgeous she looked no matter what type of makeup she did!


Source: Dispatch