Hyuna Under Fire For Excessive “Sexual Behaviour” With Younger Male Idols

“What’s wrong with her?”

Netizens have recently been starting to get uncomfortable with the amount of “excessive and unnecessary” physical contact Hyuna has been making with the two other members of Triple H.

Hyuna’s Skinship With Hui And E’Dawn Is Causing Discomfort Among Fans


With more and more of these instances being shown to the public, netizens are now outright criticizing Hyuna for them.


According to the netizens, Hyuna’s behavior is excessive, even if they are meant to be jokes.

  • “These days when I see them, Hyuna looks like a rich noona fooling around with some younger guys however she likes.”
  • “E’Dawn said he was surprised from the back. I think it’s become worse lately. It was also sort of weird when Hyuna was touching E’Dawn’s chest and face and taking off her shirt during the live dinner broadcast. It was hard watching Hui with his frozen expression stand up and mimic her to try to make the situation better.”
  • “A perfect example of authoritative sexual harassment.”
  • “And she probably thinks she’s cool because she does that. Seriously it looks so dirty and cheap.”
  • “This is the first time I felt that a girl was dirty.”
  • “If it was the other way around, this would’ve already been a huge issue and the guy completely ostracized. It really looks like sexual harassment.”


Netizens have been speculating that her behavior has gotten worse since people have been complimenting her and condoning the behavior, and they’ve just about had enough.

  • “That even makes me feel uncomfortable. When E’Dawn doesn’t go with Hyuna’s joke, Hui’s expression froze and he forcefully stood up to joke around so the situation doesn’t get any worse.”
  • “I wonder if she would do the same if those boys were really famous. It’s almost like she’s taking advantage of them. Would she have done the same if they were from EXO/BTS/Wanna One?”
  • I think she’s crossing the boundaries now because everyone’s saying she’s pretty, confident and is a girl crush, etc. But it’s gone too far now. Enough.”
  • “What’s wrong with her?”
  • “It’s because everyone lets her. To those who are condoning this behavior when you’d be making it a huge issue if it was a guy doing this, please go reflect upon yourselves.”
  • “It’s getting more and more serious…If it was a boy group doing this, they would’ve already written statements apologizing by now.”
  • “Even if it’s just a concept, I wish she’d just stop now.”


This type of behavior was not limited to broadcasts either. Netizens have noticed some of Hyuna’s unnecessary moves on stage that were apparently not a part of the performance’s choreography.


While some netizens were a little less critical, saying that her actions may make some feel uncomfortable…

  • “Maybe she was really into the performance? I guess fans could feel a little uncomfortable.”
  • “She seems to take good care of her juniors but sometimes she just goes too far when joking around.”


Others just could not understand her behavior.

  • “Is she sexually frustrated or what? Why is she being like that?”
  • “Seriously I hate this what’s wrong with her??? Is she calling dibs on PENTAGON since they’re starting to get popular?”
  • “I really like Hyuna but I really can’t understand this…Poor PENTAGON fans…”



Source: Pann Nate