HyunA To Postpone Comeback Due To Vasovagal Syncope

Get well soon, HyunA.

HyunA will be postponing her comeback due to her poor health caused by vasovagal syncope.

HyunA’s agency P-NATION released a statement that HyunA will be postponing her comeback, as her health condition has not been favorable recently. Vasovagal syncope is a condition where a person faints due to a trigger, such as stress.

Hello, this is P-NATION.

Our artist HyunA has temporarily postponed her new song release and activities due to health reasons, and here is our position.

Starting with the release of her new single, HyunA has been working harder than anyone else, passionately preparing for her album.

Last year, HyunA opened up about her depression and mental health issues, as well as her vasovagal syncope. It was the first time since she debuted that she opened up about it, and since then, she has been receiving treatment so she could return to promotions in top condition.

However, HyunA recently suffered from a vasovagal syncope attack recently, despite her best efforts in treatment.

As an agency with a responsibility to protect our artists, we have decided that the biggest need for her right now is rest and treatment.

Because of this, HyunA’s new single release and comeback promotions will be delayed until further notice, from the originally scheduled time of next week.

We will support HyunA so she can return to promotions in top condition. We also would like to apologize to the fans for the inconvenience.


Source: Newsen