HyunA Says She Ignores PSY’s Calls And Texts Because She Can

HyunA finally saw the light.

HyunA recently made an appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star where she revealed something new about her relationship with her CEO, PSY.

She surprised everyone by confessing she ignored PSY’s calls and texts many times in the past.

HyunA shared,

PSY really enjoys calling and texting people.

— HyunA

But HyunA saw the light when she accidentally missed PSY’s attempt to reach her one day.

I wondered why I was stressing over it so much. Once I ignored it once, I ended up ignoring it again and again.

— HyunA

When Kim Gu Ra asked whether or not she has to answer eventually, HyunA assured him that she doesn’t.

No. I don’t have to answer at all. It’s okay as long as he can get in touch with Dawn.

— HyunA

In addition, HyunA expressed her love for her boyfriend, Dawn as she explained how closely they work together.

We work in the same building but he’s on a different floor. That makes me feel comfortable.

— HyunA

Aside from this revelation, HyunA also vented on the show about how PSY pushes her to do PSY-like dance moves when that’s not really her style.

Check out HyunA’s hilarious impersonation of PSY below:

Source: Insight