HyunA Is Reportedly In Talks To Sign With Jay Park’s Label, More Vision

HyunA left P NATION in August.

Singer HyunA reportedly met with Jay Park‘s label, More Vision, to discuss the possibility of the singer joining the agency.

HyunA | Yonhap News

On December 9, news outlet OSEN reported that the two parties were currently exploring the partnership.

Singer HyunA is pursuing an exclusive contract with Jay Park’s label More Vision.


Regarding this, More Vision stated that although a meeting had taken place, no decision had been made.

It is true we met with HyunA, but there have been no decisions made in regard to an exclusive contract.

— More Vision

More Vision is a label founded by Hip-Hop mogul Jay Park. Currently, the label houses dance crews HolyBang and MVP.

Jay Park | today

HyunA is one of K-Pop’s most recognizable solo artists. The mercurial superstar originally debuted as part of JYP Entertainment‘s Wonder Girls before re-debuting with group 4Minute. HyunA recently made news for leaving PSY‘s P-Nation, her previous label.

Source: Wikitree
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