HyunA Reveals Her Reason For Choosing To Sign With P Nation

HyunA was meant to be a part of P Nation!

HyunA appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s Noon Hope Song With Kim Shinyoung and revealed her reason for joining Psy’s agency.



When asked if she received offers from other agencies, she replied, “To be honest, I received a lot of offers. I am truly thankful to those that reached out with offers. They contacted me and told me that they would support me until the end.”



In regards to choosing P Nation, she answered, “First off, I felt that Psy would understand me the most. I still remember watching Psy’s ‘Bird’ performance when I was younger. I was shy as a child, and so I started to learn how to dance. After seeing Psy’s performance, I wanted to have the same kind of energy as well. I was able to take part in ‘Gangnam Style’ with him, and he told me that he wanted to work with me afterward. I didn’t know it then, but it turned out he was serious.”



HyunA and boyfriend Dawn are both currently signed with P Nation. The two recently made an appearance together on the JTBC program Knowing Bros and revealed their full love story.

HyunA recently made a comeback with her song, “Flower Shower.”

Source: osen