HyunA Posts “Spoiler” On Social Media Then Apologizes

Fans aren’t sure what it means, but they support her nonetheless.

In a post to her verified Instagram account on September 16 (KST), K-Pop superstar HyunA shared an image with purple text that read “HyunA-ing” in both English and Korean, with a small white flower. The post was captioned “spoiler”, and it seemed like hardcore fans were right on the money when they guessed her next comeback would be purple flower themed.

But fans were sent into a tizzy when she later commented on her own post apologizing, followed by three Pinocchio face emoji (🤥).

Now, fans are uncertain whether the image was intended as a playful joke, a reference to a comeback, or possibly even a TV show. One thing that is apparent after looking through her comments is that regardless of why HyunA posted the image, fans will be by her side supporting her no matter what.


See HyunA’s original post below:

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