HyunA Shows Off Her Sexy Fashion At WATERBOMB — Korean Netizens Have Mixed Reviews

She shook what her mama gave her!

WATERBOMB is famous for showcasing the hottest and sexiest moments for K-Pop artists. From Sunmi‘s Gucci swimsuit moment to GOT7 BamBam‘s abs-revealing moment, this wet music festival marks a summer of music, fun, and sexiness.

Sunmi at WATERBOMB 2018 

This summer is no different as the WATERBOMB music festival was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 13 and 14—and many famous artists performed.

Among the performers was HyunA, who has performed at WATERBOMB before. This time, however, she caught the attention of netizens for her revealing swimsuit fashion. A video posted on TikTok showed HyunA wearing a cream-colored lacy bikini set that showed off her body.

| @stories_ig.actor/TikTok

She wore brown cowboy boots, and her short hair and choppy bangs were completed with a knitted hat with a red flower that matched her bold red lipstick.


She appeared confident as she danced and performed—and she even did a little bum-shaking dance.


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♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – mobskennedy – mobskennedy

HyunA performed her hit songs, and people responded to her performances by saying, “She’s so cool” and “I hope she comes to Korea’s WATERBOMB” and complimented her live singing as well. Some expressed that they were a bit shocked at her outfit and butt-shaking.

  • “Dawn’s song is sad, and Hyuna takes it off again for her song ㅠㅠ
  • “Come back, Hyuna… to 13 years ago…”
  • “Hyuna was the best during Troublemaker”
  • “Why is she doing that?”
  • “They’re aiming the water guns lol”
  • “Hyuna is sexy”
  • “Oh my ㅠㅠ”
  • “She’s pretty whatever she does”
  • “She’s like Madonna hehe so sexy”
  • “Hyuna, you’re beautiful, hwaiting”
  • “Hip-up exercises, let’s go”

Whatever people think, HyunA is living her best life, and we’re here for it!


You can see HyunA’s confident performance of “I’m Not Cool” here.

Source: Insight and @stories_ig.actor


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