GOT7’s BamBam Goes Shirtless, Showcasing His Abs, At WATERBOMB In Bangkok

He shared fan-taken pics after too!

GOT7‘s BamBam can now be added to the list of iconic sexy WATERBOMB festival performances…

Sunmi (left) and Cha Hyun Seung (right) | Kpopping

You might be familiar with the WATERBOMB music festival in Seoul, South Korea. The WATERBOMB Bangkok 2023 kicked off on Thursday, April 13, and continued on Friday, April 14, at Thunderdome Stadium in Thailand.

GOT7‘s maknaes headlined WATERBOMB Bangkok 2023. Ahead of the festival, BamBam tweeted a fun throwback of himself shirtless alongside Yugyeom, encouraging Ahgases to watch both their performances at the festival.

The anticipation was certainly real as BamBam continued interacting with Ahgases (GOT7 fans, also known as iGOT7).

Finally, Yugyeom kicked things off on D1 with a wet and wild stage. He practically lost his shirt mid-performance after getting soaked.

It was BamBam’s turn on D2!

BamBam began his stage in red cargo pants and a black shirt with enough cuts for his tattoos to peek through.

Yet, as soon as he started to get wet from the water and dancing, the shirt started to come off.

It wasn’t long until the shirt opened. It was barely hanging on, and his abs were completely exposed.

BamBam has long teased that his physique was “cut” as he even challenged leader Jay B to a workout challenge. Yet, even for his Men’s Health cover, he kept his shirt on. Now, he is proving just what a godly physique he really has!

This certainly will go down in history as the sexiest performance of “riBBon” ever. Are we okay, Ahgases?

If that wasn’t enough, BamBam showcased his love for GOT7 with the fan chant! The day before, Yugyeom performed “Hard Carry.”

Even after the festival ended, BamBam wasn’t done. He reposted Ahgases’ photos from his stage performance on Twitter and Instagram, as well as replied to an Ahgase’s tweet.

Thank you, Ahgases and BamBam, for these glorious pictures.

| @bambam1a/Instagram
| @BamBam1a/Twitter

You can read more about Yugyeom’s performance below.

GOT7’s Yugyeom Goes Shirtless During Wet And Wild Performance In Bangkok

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