Here Are The Surprising Details Behind HyunA’s Eccentric Stage Outfit For “I’m Not Cool”

It wasn’t custom-made for HyunA.

HyunA recently made her much anticipated comeback with “I’m Not Cool,” and as expected from the queen, her outfits gained almost as much attention as she did.

One of the outfits that most stood out was this tight black bodysuit with multiple slits all the way down the side:

Not only did HyunA slay this outfit in her teaser photos and MV, but she also wore it on M Countdown, raising even more curiosity among fans.

| HyunA/YouTube

As unique as the outfit is, it was actually not custom-made for HyunA!

The designer of the outfit is Rui Zhou of China — and the outfit was a part of the collection, Rui, that was released in 2019.

| HyunA/YouTube

And the outfit comes with a hefty price tag!

The price of the bodysuit has been revealed to be around $498 USD while the stockings cost another whopping $263 USD!

HyunA pulls it off all too well though, as if it was made just for her — and fans aren’t even surprised. Who else could wear it better?

Source: Dispatch