HyunA Unexpectedly Leaves A Message To NewJeans In Her Recent Interview

Fans feel that her comments are coming from her own experience.

This year marks the 16th anniversary of HyunA, one of the most iconic K-Pop artists the industry has seen. The special occasion got even more noteworthy with the star gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan Korea’s March issue. On February 23, the magazine released a pictorial and an interview with the icon, where she unexpectedly talked about NewJeans.

In the interview, HyunA was asked what she would tell her 15-year-old self when she debuted. The singer said, “I want to tell her to eat well, hehe. You got to eat well so that your body and mind can endure it.”

HyunA as a teenager

She then mentioned NewJeans, saying that she feels quite affectionate towards them these days and often worries about their wellbeing. HyunA indicated that her concerns for NewJeans stem from her own experience as a teenager in the industry.

Lately, I have been watching NewJeans with a lot of affection. I wonder, ‘Are they eating well?'(laughs). I wonder if they won’t be able to eat well because they have to wear crop tops, or if they won’t be able to sleep well because they don’t have time to get some shut-eye. I’m reminded of the times when I was young and I get worried.


HyunA addressed the NewJeans members directly afterward, repeating the same advice that she earlier said she would want to say to her teenage self.

Members of NewJeans, eat a lot of Korean food, and don’t forget to take vitamins. And I sincerely hope there is at least once person beside all of you who you can easily confide in.


This segment of the interview has left fans with bittersweet emotions. On the one hand, HyunA looking out for her juniors is heartwarming. But on the other hand, her concerns reflect the painful experiences she probably went through as a teenager working in the K-Pop industry. When NewJeans debuted, their young age had become a topic of debate and criticism globally. Hyein, the group’s maknae, is only 14, the same age as HyunA when she debuted. The rest of the members are also pretty young, the oldest ones being 18. Both NewJeans and HyunA reached extreme popularity at such young ages. So, it is understandable why she probably gets reminded of herself while looking at them.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

Fans feel that the fact that senior female artists like HyunA are keeping an eye on juniors like NewJeans has come across as very telling of the industry’s treatment of young artists. But at the same time, it is in some ways a relief that the older ones are trying to prevent their bitter experiences from repeating with the younger ones. The industry might have changed from what it was during HyunA’s times, but it must be reassuring to have someone looking out for you.