HyunA Responds To Fans Concerned About Her Weight

She personally addressed their concerns.

A post of HyunA revealing her weight on Instagram got a number of her fans concerned. 


She posted a photo of herself on a weighing scale with a measurement that said, 43.1 kilograms. When compared to her height of 164 cm, she’s medically categorized as underweight. 


Fans were so worried, Hyuna, felt the need to personally respond to the concerns. She commented under a fan’s note where she asked her to take care of her health and be happy.


She reassured the fan that she wasn’t losing weight but actually gaining weight thanks to exercise and eating well.

“I gained weight after working out diligently and eating well ❤ Don’t worry 💪💪”

— HyunA


Many also believe that she is already gaining a healthier weight and appeared to be brighter in her recent updates. Just look at her abs on this recent video. 


She continues to updates fans with her recent whereabouts following her official departure from Cube Entertainment. 

Source: Osen