Hyundai Employee Reveals Their Impression Of EXO Kai’s Character On Set

“Kai suffered a lot because of his bad ankle.” — Hyundai Employee

In light of EXO‘s Kai‘s appearance in a new Hyundai TUCSAN commercial, a social media post uploaded by an employee revealed Kai’s true character and work ethic as witnessed by the employee themself.

Regarding the mystical performance that was put on by Kai and aespa‘s Karina, the marketing employee brought up Kai’s injury.

Planning these things is my job, but Kai suffered a lot because of his bad ankle while shooting for 3 days. But if I think about his practice time, too, I feel like he must’ve practiced for a month before that.

— Employee

| SMTOWN/YouTube

But the marketing employee praised Kai for being a professional despite his condition.

Even on the set, Kai’s schedule went from morning until late at night, but even though he looked really tired, when it was time to shoot, he would bring back the tension, and that made me realize what a professional he is.

— Employee

Although Kai is younger, the employee expressed his admiration for him and revealed that he’s a fan.

He’s a lot younger than me, but I learned a lot. I’m going to keep the photo we took together forever.

— Employee

Talk about a true professional!

Check out the full performance commercial starring Kai and Karina below:

Source: Dispatch