Hyunseung And Shin Soo Ji Have Broken Up

The two dated for 7 months before calling it off.

K-Pop star Hyunseung and former gymnast Shin Soo Ji confirmed they were dating back in January but only four months after the news broke and seven months in total since the two have been dating, their agencies reported news of their break up.


An associate of Shin Soo Ji’s agency claimed the two have called it off recently.

“Shin Soo Ji and Hyunseung broke up. The two agreed to focus on their own work.” — Yama


CUBE Entertainment also confirmed with Hyunseung that the relationship is over.

“Hyunseung has confirmed he and Shin Soo Ji decided to go back to being friends. We are not aware of when exactly the relationship came to an end.” — CUBE Entertainment


Many people are shocked at the sudden news of their break up, as Shin Soo Ji appeared on Radio Star earlier this month and talked about her relationship with Hyunseung.

“We agreed to admit that we’re dating if our relationship got revealed. Since we met at a bowling alley, we knew a lot of people would realize sooner or later and that word would get out. That’s why we were able to confirm so quickly when the news broke.” — Shin Soo Ji


Hyunseung and Shin Soo Ji were very responsive and admitted right away they were dating as soon as the news broke in January 2018.

(★BREAKING) Hyunseung Is In A Relationship With Shin Soo Ji

Source: YONHAP