Iconic Second-Generation Idol Is Called Out For Giving An “Excuse” After Leaving Her Group For Marriage Life

“Ah… What is wrong with her?…”

Netizens had a negative reaction to former Wonder Girls member Sunye‘s explanation for why she left the group in the fashion that she did.

Sunye | @sunye.m/Instagram

On March 18, Sunye was a guest on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros. During the episode, Sunye spoke about how fans reacted to her decision to leave the Wonder Girls.

I was 24. We (idols) have our own lives and can make our own decisions. But I understand fans’ desires for their idols to stay the way (they’ve come to love them).

— Sunye

The idol then blamed the fact that there were no ways of communicating with fans back then but still apologized for the manner in which she left.

Back then, there were no means of communicating (with fans). But I’m still apologetic to fans. I was so thankful when I met my fans again, and I wish we are able to give each other positive energy.

— Sunye

Fans, however, called out Sunye’s explanation as nothing but an excuse, citing the fact that Sunye left in 2013, when Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were already widely used.

| theqoo
  • “As soon as I saw the article, I was like, ‘Huh? What do you mean there were no ways of communicating?’ LOL. It seems everyone else feels the same way… It would have been better if she just apologized.”
  • “You left around 2010. What do you mean there weren’t ways of communicating?”
  • “Even back then, celebrities were communicating through their personal accounts, no? After holding back your members and hurting fans, rather than giving excuses, I wish she would just live quietly.”
  • “Even if that was true, I wish she wouldn’t say that after all these years.”
  • “She’s just saying that because she wants to promote now. Celebrities had no problems communicating with fans back then. What is she saying?”
  • “It’s not like she’s from the Seotaji era… What do you mean there were no ways of communicating? LOL, the people who were fans then are still here.”
  • “Why is she like that after all of these years?”
  • “What do you mean there weren’t (ways of communicating)? Ah… What is wrong with her?…”

Sunye, who was one of the most popular idols in all of K-Pop, broke the hearts of fans when she announced she was getting married and subsequently left the Wonder Girls in 2013.

Source: theqoo and newsis