Male Idol Under Fire For Breaking Up With Girlfriend After Leaving His 6 Pets With Her

They met on a dating app.

On an episode preview of KBS‘s Unpredictable Fortunetellers, a guest claimed to be the ex-girlfriend of a male idol. While all couples go through ups and downs, this was no simple breakup.

According to the girl, she met her boyfriend through a dating app when he was still a trainee. She fell for his handsome looks, and they dated for three years. During their flirting period before they officially got into a relationship, things were smooth sailing. It was only after they became an official couple that things changed. Her boyfriend would claim that he had no money, and gain her pity.

The alleged ex-girlfriend.

She claimed to have given him thousands of dollars during their relationship. Despite the financial and material support she provided him, he wanted her to sign an NDA for their relationship. Due to the sensitive nature of his job of choice, he wanted to ensure that she would not tell the public about the matter after he debuts. She ended up in a contract relationship because of this.

The biggest problem was when he left the six puppies he was raising in her care. Soon after, he unilaterally broke off the relationship. The girl is now overwhelmed with having to take care of the six puppies and supporting them financially.

MC Seo Jang Hoon and the guest.

Of course, the identity of the idol was not revealed on broadcast. It did not stop netizens from being shocked at the news.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Whether or not he’s famous, fans who know about it could turn a blind eye to it, or simply tell people not to feed the trolls. Unless it’s a scandal that causes a true hit to the group, fans mostly close an eye towards dating. But that girl must be really sad…
  • He’s probably a nugu, but if it happens to be a top star, it’ll be super shocking…
  • Didn’t he use a dating app when he was a trainee? Then no one would know even if he became famous now.
  • They dated for three years, and she even gave him money when he was a trainee. Guess he’s someone who’s debut was not too long ago.
  • Probably a nugu.
  • Why would he have been taking care of six dogs in the first place?
  • If he debuted already, I want to hear his side of the story.

Just who was this irresponsible star?

Source: theqoo