Golden Child Joochan’s Mother Texted “M Countdown” To Vote For Her Son — But She Made A Mistake That’s Beyond Touching

She just wanted to support her son.

Golden Child recently became a contender for first place on a music program with their new song, “Burn It”, but a story revealed about Joochan‘s mother and her attempt to support her son has stolen the spotlight.

While Golden Child asked fans on Twitter to vote for them via text message at a chance to win first, place, Joochan revealed a chat he shared with his big sister.

According to the story, Joochan’s big sister decided to vote for Golden Child on their mother’s phone, but that’s when she discovered something touching.

Joochan’s sister found past text messages sent to M Countdown in an attempt to support her son.

Good luck, Gol Child! I love you, Gol Child! Since you worked hard, let’s go for first place! Let’s go for first place!

— Joochan’s Mother

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And Joochan’s sister was amazed.

I saw texts that Mom sent last year to vote for you. And she literally wrote letters to M Countdown, hahaha.

— Joochan’s Sister

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Because text message votes need to contain a group’s name in full, it’s predicted that many of her votes did not actually go through.

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But her effort to support her son despite not knowing exactly how to do it is beyond touching.

“Music Bank” | MBC

Golden Child is making their presence known by achieving high results on SBS MTV‘s THE SHOW and MBC M‘s Show Champion.

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And Joochan’s mother is evidently right behind them showing her full support.

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