Idol Member’s Ex-Girlfriend Sentenced To Jail After Accusing Him Of Rape

The rape accusation controversy that started 3 years ago is coming to a close as Choi Go’s ex-girlfriend was sentenced to jail.

The Seoul Central District Court of Criminal Appeals sentenced the ex-girlfriend to 1 year of prison and 2 years probation.

“Due to the fact that [Choi Go] went back to his dorm in the taxi provided by [the ex-girlfriend] after sleeping together, we can confirm that the sex was consented by both parties.”

— The Seoul Central District Court

The court found her guilty of bringing down his image and hurting his career.

“[The ex-girlfriend] stopped [Choi Go’s] broadcast promotions and harmed his image by her crimes. Even so, the defendant denied the charges and refused to come to an agreement.”

— The Seoul Central District Court

The court came to their sentencing after considering the ex-girlfriend’s emotional motive.

“We put into consideration that she did not commit the crime to gain financial wealth, but from the anger she felt after thinking that she was used by him.”

— The Seoul Central District Court

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