Idol Reactions To Kep1er Xiaoting’s Viral Performance Prove She Was The Main Event At 2022 ISAC

“Not a single person with their mouth closed…”

Kep1er‘s Xiaoting went viral for her performance in the ‘sports dance’ category at this year’s Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC), and deservedly so! She had all eyes on her as she showed off her world-class skills, wowing all the idols in the audience.

Kep1er’s Xiaoting at “2022 ISAC”

Xiaoting cemented her title as the new ‘Ballroom Queen’ of K-Pop, taking first place ahead of Billlie‘s Tsuki, who came in a close second place. As Xiaoting is a former professional ballroom dancer, however, it was practically inevitable that she would win first place!

Especially because she formerly danced at a competitive level.

Given her prowess, it was also inevitable that she would become the main event—and the reactions of all the idols in the audience proved that she definitely was. From the moment she walked onstage, the cheering was already noticeably loud.

From then on, fans couldn’t help but notice how visibly struck everyone in the audience looked throughout Xiaoting’s performance.

Some pointed out that all the idols were hilariously left with their mouths hanging open… clearly instantly becoming her fans.

Many were even copying her hand movements!

Though, of course, no one was as enthusiastic as Xiaoting’s Kep1er members.

In fact, Youngeun seems to be gunning for the position of Xiaoting’s fan club president!

Yet, it wasn’t just the idols who were left awestruck by Xiaoting. The judges were clearly impressed as well, especially judging by the smiles on their faces.

Overall, it was clear that Xiaoting more than earned her gold medal. Now fans, old and new alike, can only hope to see her show off her ballroom dancing skills again in the future!

Read more about her gold-winning performance right here.

Kep1er’s Xiaoting Goes Viral After Cementing Her “Ballroom Queen” Title At The 2022 ISAC

And you can watch it (and the idols’ reactions) more closely on the link below.