Kep1er’s Xiaoting Goes Viral After Cementing Her “Ballroom Queen” Title At The 2022 ISAC

Once a ballroom dancer, always a ballroom dancer!

The hottest topic on K-Pop fans’ lips over the past few days has been the return of the Idol Star Athletic Championships. After a few years away due to COVID-19, the event returned and brought together some of the most loved groups in the industry. Of course, aside from showcasing their athletic skills and interacting with each, many idols went viral during filming.

In particular, one of those idols was none other than Kep1er‘s Xiaoting.

Kep1er’s Xiaoting | @official_kep1er/Twitter

Even before debuting, Xiaoting had caught the attention of netizens during Girls Planet 999. Of course, her performances and visuals wowed fans watching worldwide.

Yet, it was her past that really gained the attention of netizens after it was revealed that Xiaoting was a professional ballroom dancer and was winning trophies in major competitions since she was a young teenager.

| planet xiaoting ♡/YouTube

Her accolades as a dancer shouldn’t be disregarded and Girls Planet 999 proved just how talented Xiaoting was, revealing her titles over the years.

Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that when the ISAC announced the newest event, “dance sports,” and Xiaoting was announced for the event, it was rightly going to go viral.

Even before the event started and the participants were practicing in their rehearsal gear, a video of Xiaoting was watched over a million times on Twitter. Although it seemed like the idol was just marking her steps, it seemed like netizens were watching a professional show rehearsal.

| @xiaoai_S2/Twitter
| @xiaoai_S2/Twitter   

Of course, if the rehearsal sent the internet into meltdown, the actual performance was on another level. Even walking out to the stage, Xiaoting had a special aura about her that just screamed professional, even rivaling her professional partner.

| @xiaocorez/Twitter   

Even the idols watching were in awe as Xiaoting made her way onto the dance floor. By looking at the outfit, it seems like Xiaoting was inspired by Audrey Hepburn‘s character in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

| @xiaocorez/Twitter

When the dance started, the whole crowd and netizens at home were transfixed by the screen. In her black outfit, Xiaoting was sultry, sexy, and elegant as she floated across the dancefloor in a classy ballroom piece that seemed to have tango and rumba influences.

| Weibo
| Weibo   

Yet, within a second, that mood went as a costume change into a bright pink Latin outfit seamlessly changed the choreography and feel into a more uptempo piece. The crowd and idols were on their feet as Xiaoting moved across the floor with more energy and fire to match the choreography.

| Weibo
| Weibo   

When the videos were posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of all the clips, with many adding that Xiaoting easily could’ve been the professional partner or even the judge. Close-up, Xiaoting looked at home with her expression.

Even the judges seemed shook by what they were watching, smiling from their seats from the very beginning.

Unsurprisingly, Xiaoting won the gold medal for the event, and for many, it cements that, even after time away from the ballroom, she still has it. From her expressions, lines, and effortless grace on the dance floor, Xiaoting proved that she will always be a ballroom girl.

Maybe, Kep1er could incorporate some of Xiaoting’s amazing ballroom skills into their next comeback because it would be criminal not to see her dance like that again. With the event set to air later in the year, it will be exciting to see the dance in 4K and the reactions of the arena.

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