This Idol Was Smoking When He Was A Middle Schooler And That’s Why He Got Scouted

Smoking in middle school somehow opened a career path for this idol!

This idol confessed that he was cast to become a singer while he was smoking…in middle school!


NRG member Noh Yoo Min was in his 3rd year of middle school when he left home because he didn’t want to go to school and he wanted to become a singer.


While he was smoking in a corner with another former NRG member Moon Sung Hoon, he ran into the famous boy group at the time, Sobangcha!


However, Noh Yoo Min’s excitement died down as soon as Jung Won Kwan (a Sobangcha member) called him over and told him to dance and sing.

“I thought I was going to be scolded, but he actually told me to dance. I felt like I would get beat up if I didn’t, so I did head spins and tried my best. He even had me sing afterward.”


Surprisingly, Jung Won Kwan asked him if he “wanted to become a singer?” So Yoo Min replied that he wanted to, but he couldn’t go home because he ran away.


Jung Won Kwan eventually called Yoo Min’s parents and his school explaining to them that Yoo Min wasn’t able to go home because of his audition.


And soon after that, Yoo Min debuted as a member of NRG!

Koreaboo does not condone underage smoking nor recommend smoking in general.

Source: Dispatch
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