Two Idol Trainees Are Going Viral After Leading Their Sasaeng Fans Straight To The Police

Netizens want all idols to do this!

Two idol trainees are going viral after a video was shared of them leading sasaengs (Korean term for an obsessive fan who acts in ways that invade the privacy of celebrities). While the term sasaeng has been used for Korean acts,

EXO had many experiences, including a sasaeng hiring an identical van to the one they use
When filming in Sweden, BTS were chased by sasaeng fans

It has gained attention because of two trainees in China.

In the video, two trainees were seen walking, and it was clear they were being followed by a sasaeng.

In the video, the fan continued to follow the two trainees, and as she got nearer, it was revealed that they were walking to the police station.

Police station? What’s the meaning of this? No. Ah, ah. What’s the deal with bringing me here?

— OP in video

The video has been shared, and when it was posted to an account, it was revealed to be Chinese trainees Zuo Qihan and Zhan Guiyuan, who are part of the TF Family (4th Generation) under the company TF Entertainment.

| Weibo

While it is gaining attention, it was revealed that the actual video was taken back on February 17.

| Weibo

Netizens were rightly confused about the sasaeng and why they would follow idols, yet, added that it seems like many can earn a lot of money through their activities, even listing some examples they had seen.

| Weibo

“I don’t understand what sasaeng gets out of following and filming them every day.

They can make money. I just saw one today selling a video for $30 a person, and they only sell it if they get 35 buyers. Going up to and filming them closely for less than a minute can generate $1,000. That’s why sasaengs will do anything.”

— OP

Another fan rightly added some humor to the discourse adding, “She knew it was the police station but still followed them.” 

| Weibo

When it was shared on X, it also gained attention.

Netizens couldn’t hide their shock at what happened, with many hoping that K-Pop idols take note.

The two trainees are very young, with both Zuo Qihan and Zhang Guiyuan being only 14 years old, but it’s good that they want to set boundaries.

Source: Weibo
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