Idol Trainer Points Out Serious Concerns About aespa’s VR Concept

“Soo Man Hyung, have you lost your touch?”

Idol trainer and YouTuber, In Ji Woong recently uploaded a video titled “Soo Man Hyung, Have You Lost Your Touch?” which pointed out the serious concerns he has about SM Entertainment‘s new girl group, aespa, and their VR concept.

First and foremost, In Ji Woong brought up the addition of a Chinese member as a concern as SM Entertainment has faced trouble in the past caused by Chinese members leaving.

He also criticized aespa’s VR concept for lacking quality despite it being what distinguishes them from other groups.

But most of all, In Ji Woong is concerned about the negative impact the VR concept might have on the young members.

He expressed his worry that releasing the idols along with VR characters could take a serious toll on the members’ mental health.

They modelled the characters based on the members. They’re trying to use people as character IPs, but this could cause all sorts of new creations. I’m worried that this will cause for erotic images to be spread online.

— In Ji Woong

In Ji Woong used K/DA as an example to support why he’s so concerned about aespa’s VR concept.

If you search K/DA online, you see more erotic photos than normal ones. By making characters out of idols, you’re basically feeding the people online who like to exploit such images. When characters are used to create other things online, it doesn’t cause any harm. But aespa are people. I’m not sure if members who are mostly younger than 20 years old will be able to endure images of them being used to make other creations online.

— In Ji Woong

In Ji Woong concluded the video by criticizing SM Entertainment and Lee Soo Man for the idea.

Could it be that SM Entertainment didn’t consider what other creations would be made of these characters when they began their character IP business? This goes to suggest that they don’t look at idols as if they’re human beings.

— In Ji Woong

Check out the full video below:

Source: Insight